We give group lessons as well as private tuition.

For Groups.

These classes have a maximum of 7 people and are available for all abilities.
The student’s level will be evaluated before assigning an appropriate class.

There are intensive groups of 2 hours daily for 1, 2 or 3 months.
After 3 months the student will have a basic level of conversation.

There are also groups of 3 hours per week for all levels, mornings and evenings.

Private classes.

For those students who prefer private classes, we have single lessons of 1 hour, as well as courses of 20, 40 and 60 hours.
The timetable for these classes is flexible and depends on the requirements of the students.

The courses are planned on a weekly basis but can be cancelled with 24 hoursĀ“ notice, should a student not be able to attend.


Registration of a new student 15 Euros

3 hours a week (4 weeks) 85 Euros per month

Intensive Course 1 WEEK (start every monday)… 100,- Euros.

Intensive Course 2 hours daily for 1 month 280 Euros
Intensive Course 2 hours daily for 2 months 530 Euros
Intensive Course 2 hours daily for 3 months 780 Euros


1 hour private class 1 Student 25 Euros
Private Course 20 hours, 1 student 380 Euros (1 hour 19 Euros)
Private Course 40 hours, 1 student 680 Euros (1 hour 17 Euros)
Private Course 60 hours, 1 student 900 Euros (1 hour 15 Euros)

There are also private classes for two or more students – please consult our price list.